Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oh Boy, Photo Heavy Post

Spent some time snapping photos of these guys by the train tracks. Once again, I took too many photos and keep changing my mind about which are my favorites. Tell me this happens to you too?

We were practicing Senior Pictures for this boy who just started his Senior year of High School. And how did that time go by so fast? Seems like he just started kindergarten a little while ago. Time flies is an understatement.

This one is one of my many favorites..
I was pretty jazzed to get some pictures of him without a Nike shirt on. Pretty tricky stuff because that is usually what he is wearing. 

I like this one too!

And I really like this on, even though he is not looking at the camera. I just like it.

This one is good too:)

And then there's this joker...
I can't wait to share this at his wedding someday!

He cleans up well too.

And I still don't have just one favorite, of either boy. 

Most likely I will just print them all, and look at them over and over again. That's what I do, sometimes. 

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