Sunday, September 1, 2013

September Already?

Wow! The summer flew by, I cannot believe it is already September and the kids start school here in two days. They are a bit bummed, I kinda am too. Back to school is truly the end of summer.  On a good note, we are ready! Supplies bought, new shoes laced and ready to rock, grocery shopping done, and a new set of rules to keep the kids on the right track this year. I introduced some much needed I phone rules last spring, due to some one's overuse. They were met with a little resistance, but we are going to get back to them again with the new school year starting (I relaxed the rules for the summer). I also added a few new ones, but that's another post for another day.

Anyhow, I felt my self fall into a creative slump over the summer, just not much mojo happening. I did get my design team assignments done and thought that I would share sneak peek of what you will be seeing around the blog world in September.....

This is my favorite.....
and I feel light it may have re-lit my creative fire! 

wait, I also love this and have lots of ideas for this ornament and future projects, you have to stay tuned!

I'm hoping to find more crafty time now that school will be back in session! I do have a few crops that I will be hosting in the next few months and I am looking forward to some crafty/scrappy time. I also need to get going on that calendar class. 

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your holiday weekend....

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