Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy National Scrapbook Day!!

What a fun holiday for us scrapbookers! Not that I need a designated day to scrapbook, but a little recognition... why not!

As I said earlier in the week I would be sharing my Bella Blvd layout here and a little bit about me, so first the layout...

I Am Not A Girly Girl
Lots of pink and grey here, with a splash of colors. 

a closer peek..

and the about me portion of the post... Inspired by the title of my layout.

I am not a girly girl..

I like the color pink, but at my house they get suspicious if I buy or wear anything pink. They get scared, I think. It acutally took me a long time to be comfortable wearing the pink. My colors of choice are usually black, blue or grey.

I love to laugh and make people laugh. I save up all of my work stories to tell at my crops and classes. I can honestly say there have been tears in my classes, tears of laughter.

Some of my favorite tv watching is...
The Following
Grey's Anatomy
Hawaii 5-0
Real Housewives of New Jersey

Jon Bon Jovi
Mark Wahlberg
i don't even need to explain...

Movies I could watch over and over again-
Zack and Miri
Christmas Vacation

On my Ipod
Flo Rida
Bon Jovi
Justin Timberlake
White Zombie
Lonely Island
Reo Speedwagon
and the list goes on and on

I am addicted to-
Candy Crush

I drink- 
Pepsi, it tastes better from the can.
Propel Water, Berry is my favorite.
Milk, because it goes well with cookies and brownies.
Cranberry Juice, because it's good for me.
Margarita's, occasionally.

My favorite food-
Mexican - It is always my first choice when we go out to eat. My family does not always agree.

I have-
20 questions for the Amish

Ok, now that you know me better I hope you will continue to stop by!!


Leanne said...

oh wow! Love this LO Sheri!

Stampin' Meg said...

Sheri- that feather is so fun. And I'd love to be a fly on the wall with your 20 questions for the Amish :-)