Monday, March 4, 2013

Show Some Love

It's never too late to show a little love. 

I created this card using lots of Jillibean Soup products, some old some new. 

you hold the key to my heart
The new would be the arrow thru the heart, released at Winter CHA. The rest is an little bit older, but still super cute and fun to work with! As you can see here, I went to town layering! It comes natural to me I guess? Funny thing is I don't just layer paper, I do the same with my clothes, it would not be uncommon for me to wear three shirts (layered) on a daily basis during the winter and two in the summer. Don't judge, it's all about comfort. 

Take a closer look...
I don't know if I complete any projects without using foam pop dots. I am pretty sure that I keep about 5 people employed full time based on the amount of pop dots that I go thru. I need help... ha!

Hey! Thanks for stopping by... hope your Monday goes well :)


ericarose said...

Adorable card!!

Susieque47 said...

I really don't do cards much but I love your concept for a scrap page! Just needs to be blown up to 12x12!