Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday - Boats and Airplanes

Spent the day with this guy...
(the kid that always looks like he needs a haircut. it's only been 3 weeks!)
We spent a portion of the day oooh-ing and ahh-ing at boats, really large boats and airplanes. Both at the same time at the Air & Water Show in Downtown Milwaukee along the the Lake Shore.

We boarded a Navy ship and didn't stay too long. I am proud to say that it wasn't me that wanted to bail first. The feeling of that huge ship floating, moving was a bit too much for Logan. Go figure, he spends plenty of time on our boat with no problems. I know exactly how he felt though, when that ship moved I felt a bit dizzy, briefly. He took the first chance he could to get off that ship, and I wasn't about to complain (although we did wait almost 2 hours just to get on it).

I wanted to share some pics while keeping this post brief...

Thank goodness for Collage!
Most of these photos were taken while we waited in line, so the 2 hours went by rather quickly.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you did something fun today!

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Tracie said...

Very cool! Great pics!