Friday, February 10, 2012

True Confession Friday (it's back!)

I haven't come to confession in a while, so I have some scrappy confessions to share....

I should start putting my completed layouts in albums. I have a bunch of empty albums just waiting to be filled. But when I go into my studio I would rather create and make a mess instead of organizing. I don't think I have put a layout in an album in two years. I should really put this on my to do list, or tell myself that I cannot do anymore scrapping until I get these guys into albums! But then again, who is really going to hold me to that... not me.

Cards! This is another issue, I have to confess that I don't send cards, ever! I teach card classes at my LSS and have quite the stash going on. I sell some of them at my events and have given some away, but I still have a bunch. I am going to start sending them, sorry if you receive a birthday card even though it's not your birthday!!

So, those are my confessions for today. Don't worry I am not in danger of becoming a hoarder. I can still see the floor and furniture in my studio. The layouts are stacked neatly on a few shelves and my cards are contained in some baskets, neatly! So don't A&E or TLC on me :)


Elizabeth said...

Holy pile of layouts!! Someday I'll put all of my layouts in albums, too.

sherRae said...

Layouts are suppose to go in albums??