Monday, December 26, 2011

December Daily Share

I wish that I could say I am completely caught up on my December Daily, I can't. I can say that I took a photo almost every day, I missed one day for sure. Not bad for me, so I am happy with that. I wanted to share a few of the pages of what I have done so far....

Day 2
The picture is underneath the flap, great way of hiding a not so great picture. It's a picture of our dinner, Taco Bell. Not all that exciting, but part of the day.

Day 3


As you can see I used several pages for Day 3, we were pretty busy teaching a workshop at The Scrapbook Store. Logan came along to be an "Elf Helper."

Day 11
Jumping to Day 11, we  had the most amazing cupcakes. The Boys and I went our to do a little Christmas shopping and ran across a bakery, had to stop in and get some treats. The frosting on these cupcakes was to die for, I don't think I will ever eat cupcakes from anywhere else again, maybe.

Once I get some spare time to work on my book, I will be back with another post. Caution, it may be a long one!

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Lacey said...

This is an awesome Dec daily! great work love the pages you shared! So bright and festive