Friday, November 25, 2011

True Confession Friday

It's been a while, so I though I would share a few confessions...
  • I do not go shopping on Black Friday. I don't get it, why would you want to be in such large crowd of crazy people??
  • I love chocolate. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate. I am not at all fond of white chocolate, it makes my mouth itch.
  • I didn't cook anything for Thanksgiving this year! Nada! My husband did all of the cooking (very well I might add) and I got out of doing the dishes too. I'm gonna try this again next year!
  • I have issues with people who walk around toothless. Adults missing a front tooth. I don't get it at all! And they are always so smiley...close your mouth, get to the dentist!
  • And a quick public service announcement...boys it's time to pull up those pants! This fashion trend is not attractive and you will probably need a hip replacement in your future due to the fact that you have to walk so weird to keep those pants just below your butt.

Happy Friday!!!!

1 comment:

Nitasha said...

LMBO about the toothless wonders of the world! We were just talking about people who were interviewed on the news about their Black Friday shopping experience. Instead of sitting outside of Best Buy for a week to get a deal on a TV use that money for much needed dental care! LOL! I guess everyone has their priorities in different places! Have a great weekend!