Friday, August 19, 2011

True Confession Friday

Are you ready for the third installment of True Confession Friday? Well, I am.. so here goes!
  • I am quite handy, as in I fixed my washing machine. I did this without the help of my husband. He says that I didn't really fix it because someone else told me what was wrong with it and what part I needed to fix it. But let me tell you something....I got that part, I installed that part, and said machine is in working order. Therefore I fixed it.
  • I shot a gun or two in my day (they were legal, registered firearms). Well exactly two. I have to say that other than the enormous bruise it left on my arm it was quite.... well......Awesome!! Don't worry I will not be replacing my scrapbooking hobby anytime soon (probably never).
  • When I was a kid we were kind of on our own for dinner on a regular basis. Mom worked second shift, Dad was drunk. It was not unusual for myself and my little brother to feast on a jar of pickles for dinner. Sometimes we would have pickle sandwiches, scrumptious!!
  • My Dad called me by my sister's name, Carrie alot. Sometimes by her first and middle name. It happened so often that he would call my work and ask for Carrie Lynn and they all knew who to give the phone to!!  He may or may not have known that he had two daughters??
  • I still watch reruns of the original 90210, because that was good TV people! And Dylan, well Dylan was hot! So glad he and Brenda broke up!
So there you have it, getting to know me more and more. I'll be watching to make sure that I don't lose any Facebook friends or followers after this has posted to my blog....

Happy Friday!!!

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