Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I have been working on lots of projects this week! I have a blog hop coming up next week (stay tuned) that I have to come up with something fabulous for. I am hoping to have it done soon. I have been working on some projects for the Memory Works web site and I have class kick at The Scrapbook Store coming up next week. My day job is really starting to get in the way of all of my scrapbooking ;)

Though I would share a little peek at some of the stuff that I have been working on, you'll have to guess which one of the events this is for.......

Don't know if you noticed that tag up there, that is part of the whole office supply obsessions that I have mentioned on a few previous posts. I love em.

OMG! I have one more that I totally forgot about... gotta go!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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