Wednesday, March 16, 2011

happy in wisconsin

we are happy here in wisconsin today. the temperature in my car read 61 degree's, it's like a heat wave!! it is supposed to be the same way tomorrow! i might crack open a few windows and let a little fresh air in the house, it's been a long time..about 5 months to be exact. ok, well i just had to share that because i have complained about the weather on my blog in the past, so i thought i should say something nice about the weather. mission accomplished!

what i really came to post was this....

i have a layout posted over on the bella blvd blog, you can see the whole layout over there. love love love this paper line! 

thanks for stopping by!!

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leah said...

Great layout!! ^_^ Congrats on being up on the Bella Blog!

Thanks for the sweet words on my blog!