Saturday, February 26, 2011

snow snow snow

It just seems to keep snowing and snowing and snowing........

Okay, so that is not our current snow pile. But it is still snowing. In fact it snowed all day today. Not a lot of accumulation, just snowing. I am completely over it.....

I was trying to think of the "good" things about snow and didn't come up with many. It's pretty when it snows for the first time each winter. It's pretty until the kids trample all over it. Pretty until it melts a little and gets all dirty. Pretty until the dog....well you know where I am going with that one. We've had our fair share this winter and hopefully this will end soon.

What I am really getting at is I long for summer. I want to go to the lake, swim, fish, lounge on a raft, boat, soak up some rays, be warm. I long for this more today than yesterday because today I mailed in my last deposit for our vacation rental up north. So. it's been on my mind more today than yesterday.

So, this is one of those random thoughts that I warned you about in my blog description. Thanks for stopping by and listening to me whine today.

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