Thursday, July 1, 2010


First I have to tell you about a giveaway!! My friend Beth has a giveaway over at her blog in honor of the opening of her Etsy Shop-- The Fuzzy Caterpillar!!! So first go to her blog and leave a comment to win, then check out her shop!! Good Luck to you Beth, I wish you much success!!!


And I have to wish the dog a Happy Birthday! I was accused of being mean because I didn't get him a cupcake for his Birthday (whatever). So, I think a blog post is better than a cupcake for this furry guy. Happy Birthday to the furriest (hungriest, tiredest, loudest)member of our family, Riley!!!


Beth said...

Thanks for the nice words and Happy Birthday, Riley!

Rhonda said...

Great Picture!!

leah said...

How cute is that guy?! Love the pic! ^_^