Friday, July 9, 2010

Flags, Parades and Fat Lips!

7/3- Driving home from Grandma's I noticed all of the flags at the Historic Train Depot and I just happened to have my camera! Took a few pics of Logan, with his turquoise #5 shirt. Seriously we live right down the street and I could have had him change quick. They took the flags down on the 5th, bright and early!

7/4-Went to the Cudahy 4th of July parade. It was fun! My favorite is the Pioneer Drum and Bugle Corp. They are pretty good. I would rather hear that than the Fire Engine sirens and horns. (not complaining.)It is really loud when they are right next to you.

7/5-Logan got "attacked" by a bunch of bee's just as we were sitting down to a nice dinner outdoors! He got stung 3 times, twice in the arm and once in the lip. He screamed like he has never screamed before, traumatized. He was right back outside the next day though.

7/6- (6am) Discovered a large centipede hanging out in the bathroom, I'm not taking a shower in there with that crawling around. Got the exterminator (my hubby) to take care of that one. You can't stay if you aren't paying rent! YUCK!

7/7- Asked a customer to pull up his pants, the full moon was hanging out. He comes in all of the time with his butt showing!

7/9- I have a date with some new Bella Blvd! I have some projects to complete for CHA (I wish I was going).

So, how was your week?

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penny said...

Well we will have to scrap our bee pictures together!!!! Lydia was bit on the 4th right on the lip,but her face swelled so we in ER for the grilling and fireworks were out. May never go out again!!!!!!