Saturday, June 19, 2010

Itching To Redecorate....

I have the itch to redecorate. Logan's room needs to be updated, Baby Snoopy has got to go. I have been thinking about what would "grow" with him. You know, so I don't have to keep redecorating the same room. I found this over here and I really like it! The brown is my favorite! I like the whole "cottage" look of this room. Now that I have found the inspiration, I need to find the time to get it done. I also want to......
  • Paint the entire upstairs of our house. Except the bathroom, that is done and I still like it. Both of the boys rooms have been painted but need updating. Ours hasn't been painted yet(we've been here for 7 years). I just cannot decide on a color.
  • Carpet the entire upstairs of our house, I am not a fan of bare floors in bedrooms. I think that the carpet makes the rooms feel more cozy.
  • Replace the doors and woodwork in the upstairs. It just really needs to be done!
  • I won't even get started on the kitchen!
  • Win the lottery so that I can finance all of my projects.

This is just a sample of my "to do" list. Anyone want to come over and help paint?


Mariah said...

I really want to make my yard look decent. I'd like to have an outdoor fireplace. Maybe I should hope for the lottery as well!

Beth said...

I hear ya, sister! So much I want to do and was going to do, but putting some on hold to save for a wedding.