Monday, May 17, 2010

No Scrapping This Weekend.....

This past Saturday we (Scott) decided we needed to get the boat in the water. It was chilly, I may have gotten minor frostbite on my ear. My boys, who wear shorts when the temperature hits 50, tried to pretend they weren't cold, but you cannot fool me! Despite the chill, we had a great time and the lake was perfect, the water almost like glass. That is rare for Lake Michigan, so we had to take advantage of it.

The boys, pre-launch.
Everyone was still warm.
See how calm the water is? And a nice shot of
downtown Milwaukee.
Took a ride down the river and found this guy, Bronze Fonz!
You remember him from Happy Days? I didn't realize the Fonz
was a pretty short guy, ayyyyy!
I had to get in on the fun too. Nice shot Jordan! Nice expression Scott!
The wall in the background is all neon fish, it looks really cool
at night.

Some art along the Riverwalk. There are bowling balls,
bowling pins and what looks kind of like wall lights(?) stuck
in there. Anyways it looked cool, so... photo op!
Close-up of the Art.
We also had a picnic in the park, no pictures of that though. I cannot eat and take photos at the same time. Or should I say I haven't tried that yet. Hmmm..multi-tasking. As for the rest of my weekend...laundry, grocery shopping, laundry, clean bathroom, laundry, vacuum, laundry, prep for upcoming class and laundry.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!


Beth said...

U wanted to see the "after" pictures once you got off the lake! And I'm not so sure about the Bronze Fonz...looks a little scary.

Rhonda said...

Die Hard Boaters to put the boat in on icky days! Nothing is complete in our household on Easter without and Easter boat right? I totally LOVE those rides when Easter is in March! -- special days.....