Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dear Summer, where are you?

I would settle for Spring, no more snow please!! Here in Wisconsin we have no idea what color our cars are anymore. They all look the same, a nice salty grey. And I won't even start about all of the potholes in the roads from the plows, always good for the alignment. There, that is my rant for the day! In other news, check out this layout I did, with summer photos.
This was another one of my Bella Blvd projects for CHA. I love this paper and I love the pictures. You can see sand all over my little guy, he was really having fun in the sand with a frisbee and 3 empty Propel bottles. He is pretty creative, maybe he'll be a scrapbooker (ha).

**I have an announcement, stop by Monday to find out what it is!*****

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