Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saw "The Big Guy" today!

In the spirit of the season (and because I want a photo to scrapbook!) we went and saw Santa today. Took a few photo's, let him know what was on the kids wishlists and decorated a cookie with Mrs. Claus. All of this at Walgreens! Logan had lots of questions today, about Santa and his Wife and why there were at Walgreens and how Dad got them to come to his store. Too many questions. So we lied, like we always do (about Santa) and gave him the answers he needed to keep believing. After Santa, we went to lunch, did some shopping and came home to watch Elf! One of my favorite Christmas movies, so funny!! Kind of a much needed family day. The last one for a while, the Christmas rush is on and there are lots of hours to put in in the retail industry! So, go shopping everyone!!!! And lastly, Hi Rhonda!

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