Monday, July 6, 2009

What A Day.....

This is what I saw this morning as I was leaving my neighborhood because of a mandatory evacuation of Cudahy. I live pretty close to the Patrick Cudahy Plant that was on fire. I had to pull over and get some photo's before I left. I have never seen so much smoke! It was amazing to see. We spent the day watching the news, waiting to hear if we could come back to our home. I thought for sure we would be spending the night in a hotel, but luckily we were allowed to come back after 7 pm.

I heard all of the sirens last night, but had no idea that it was this close to my home!
Oh, and on a happier note....I'M A GUEST BELLA ARTISTA!!!!!! You can see a list of all of the Artista's at .

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Beth said...

Amazing. I'm glad you guys were all safe. Oh yeah...Congratulations!!!