Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th Of July Photos

We had so much fun yesterday, enjoying all of the 4th Of July festivities. Thought I would share some photo's from fireworks. I took quite a few shot's of the fireworks and I know for sure I need to bring my tripod next year! Here are a few of my favorite shots, I tried to be steady.......

This is a picture of Logan being his usual self, he's a knucklehead! The boy's got some light up swords that the vendor's in the park were selling. They were playing Star Wars. Actually just about every kid in the park had one and were also playing Star Wars.
I love this picture, don't know why. This is a firefighter coming down from the ladder. They raised a huge American Flag from the ladder. He had to climb up to untangle it. The flag was huge!

And.... Uncle Ricky, Grandma Barbara and Jordan hanging out, waiting for the Parade to come thru.

I have a ton of picture's of the parade, Logan was in it with his Taekwondo group. He had a really good time and can't wait until next year to do it again. I'll share some of those picture's soon.


Christy said...

awesome pics!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Your fireworks pics are great!!

Anonymous said...

Your firework pix are amazing!!! I can't tell you didn't have a tripod with you...Bravo!