Friday, May 8, 2009

A Mother's Day Poem...

I just have to share this. Jordan wrote me a poem for Mother's Day. He wrote it in school but couldn't wait til Sunday to give it to me! I got my Mother's Day gift from Logan on Thursday, they just can't wait!! So here is the poem.......

To My Mom...

You are creative and thoughtful
You wonder why I don't take out the garbage
You hear the sound of you yelling me to take take out the garbage
You see weird-o's all day
You want a clean house

You pretend when you say you're not mad
You feel happy when you scrapbook
You touch the lives of your family
You worry about being embarrassed
You cry so seldom I never see your tears
You are creative and thoughtful

You understand my emotions just by looking at my face
You say it is important to clean the house
You dream of having a clean house
You try to make your family happy
You hope to have a good life
You are creative and thoughtful


Isn't that just too sweet? And yes I do like a clean house, but I don't dream about it!

Thanks Jordan, I love you too!


Christy said...

Very sweet.
I think your mother's day gift should be a maid (and a day to scrapbook).

Beth said...

OK - this is priceless. You do have a pretty clean house!

Wendy Lee said...

LOVE that!!! beyond priceless!!! I can't wait to see the scrapbook page with that on it! And I love that he mentioned that you are creative 3x!!! So sweet!!