Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Me+My Camera= Friends!

I have been wanting to purchase a new camera for a quite some time now. I am not thrilled with the camera I currently own. I want better photos! I am not sure that I have given my current camera a fair chance. I could pick up the owner's manual and "get to know" it a little better before I replace it. Maybe it's not the camera that takes bad pictures, it's the picture taker! So I read a little and found an online class that is free! I have learned a few things and I have changed some of the settings on my camera. I snapped away and even have a few self portraits that I am not disgusted with. So, here they are....
Jordan in the elements!

Riley doing what he does best, sleeping!

Logan playing in the snow.

Another one of Logan in playing in the snow.
I think I have the outdoor photo taking down pretty good. It's indoors that I seem to have problems. I have only done one lesson on the online class. I have a few more to go, hopefully I will improve my indoor photo's too! Wish me luck!!! Thanks for looking....


Anonymous said...

Congrats on going outside the box and learning your camera!!! I know it can be scary, but so well worth it when you start to see the difference in your pix.

I also have issues with indoor pix...I still haven't figured out a fix...instead I try to take ALL pix outside...LOL

Christy said...

See...this is what I learned from a professional photographer who used what I thought was a junkie off brand 3 megapixel camera and the shots he took were AMAZING! You can do so much with a pocket camera if you take the time with it.

Advise for better indoor photos - adjust the white balance. This has my indoor pictures looking like the outdoor ones! My indoor photos used to be so dark, but no more. Also - I don't use a flash! Try with and without, the results may just surprise you!

Happy snapping Sheri!